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Building of the Year - Retail

Building of the Year - Retail

This award is open to any architect who has completed a project on the Island of Ireland that serves a primarily retail function. The entry will demonstrate excellence in design, fitness for purpose, and a commitment to sustainability and the local community in which it resides.

This award is not open to fit out, refurbishment or interior architecture projects.

Who can enter: the project architect (individuals, firms, departments), or a project collaborator (if submitted jointly with the architect). If you are not the main project architect, please ensure you have their permission to enter as we can only accept one submission per project.

Entry is by a five A4 page submission. It should include one project that has been completed within the last 12 months. The judges will be looking for clear information that is backed up by facts and photos illustrating your points which pays particular attention to the criteria listed below:

  • Background: Please outline your career background or your organisation’s background.

  • Project: Describe the project. Include photos and floorplans as well as details such as timeline, size, budget, green ratings, purpose, etc.

  • Excellence: How did you approach the project and its completion? What processes were used to ensure all-round design excellence and fitness for purpose? What made this construction stand out?

  • Challenges: Please highlight any challenges faced during the project, and how they were overcome.

  • Impact: What steps were taken to ensure that the design and construction processes were in keeping with sustainability best practice? What was done to ensure that the operation of the building itself will adhere to these same standards? How well was the building integrated into its surrounding community? What positive impact can it have?

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