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Art McCormack

Art McCormack

Co-founder, MosArt

Art McCormack

Art McCormack is qualified in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism as well as being qualified as a Passive House Designer and Tradesperson. He has practiced architecture since 1981 in Ireland, Finland and USA, on a wide range of building types and specifications. He co-founded MosArt (architecture, landscape architecture and urban design) in 1993 and subsequently the PHA (Passive House Academy) in 2009 and NetZeroBau in 2022.

Art is proficient at designing very high performance low energy buildings and combines his expertise in this with his understanding of landscape and urbanism in order to produce a broader sustainability design response. The larger the project, the more it can be conceptually landscape-driven, ensuring a well-developed, socially engaging and varied public realm. 

He has combined his interest and knowledge of the building industry and its standards with an ability to teach others, successfully delivering training to tradesperson and design in PH design and construction in Ireland, UK, USA and China.

For more than 25 years, Art has also cultivated an understanding of the broader rural landscape, involving the assessment of landscape character, sensitivity and the impact of various kinds of development. This has included the production of guidelines for government bodies concerning landscape generally, windfarms and forestry.

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