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Frank McDonald

Awards Judging Co-ordinator, Author & Former Environment Editor of The Irish Times

What we’ve seen this year is a refinement of what’s going on in the country. A lot of what’s being built is ordinary and what we were looking for was the extraordinary and I think we’ve found it in the Building of the Year that we’ve awarded to the new Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland building on York Street in Dublin.

John Meagher, De Blacam and Meagher

Outstanding Contribution to Architecture 2018

I’m encouraged this evening to see that so many people are considering the environment and sustainability which is very important; that people are actually thinking and doing things that are worthwhile.

Derry Scully

Awards Judge & Group President, Linesight

The standards have been really excellent, I mean we’ve seen really the best example of both architectural practices, of design, of construction and delivery of these prestigious projects.

Stephen Pierce

National Sales Manager, Ireland, Vescom Wallcoverings & Fabrics 2018 Sponsor

This is massive for my brand because even in the last 3 years since we sponsored the Fit Out Awards and the Building and Architect of the Year Awards people are a lot more aware of our brand and you know when I’m phoning up and making appointments everybody knows Vescom now and a big part of that is down to sponsoring these awards.

Anne Fletcher, Coady Architects

International Architecture Award 2018

I think this is just terrific because this is an opportunity to meet with colleagues: one meets a lot of colleagues from the industry, one also meets potential clients but more importantly one gets to socialise with people whom one works with a lot and often socialise with clients.

Gerard de Brún

Commercial Director, Fiontar Safety Management 2018 Sponsor

Having face-to-face networking opportunities is vital for our type of business and being able to talk to people and actually look into their eyes and for them to understand what kind of services you offer in a setting like this is so much better than any marketing we can ever do.